Sunday, November 28, 2010

yesterday was one of those typical days when what you really need and want you do not get.
I had planned for the house to be tidy and clean so that I could escape and study for a few hours to prepare for the panel meetings i have this week.

I think i managed to get perhaps 10 minutes in the whole day. I despair. It seems an impossible feat. We had to organise car insurance which took hours and I thought had been sorted and done. We had to find keys to the car we were exchanging which should have been in the draw and I know 1 set I lost ! We had to do so much silly stuff that I thought would take a second and instead took the whole day. I had hoped the family would go to collect the car so I could have time while they were out. But by the time we left I knew I had to go as it was snowy icy dark and cold......and so on and so on....

Where was God's presence in the argument, the stress to get things done, the monotonous asking for things to be done and completed. Do I give up?

The story of Mary and Martha come to my mind yesterday and a comment I had read on it during the week ' We need to learn from each other, not chastise each other, and feel vindicated that we are right.'

so i ask God most humbly to please be with me in my hour before everyone gets up. Help me to organise that time so that i can share these moments with you and find your presence. Help me to organise my day around that contemplate period of prayer.

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