Sunday, November 21, 2010

let God be God

it is so amazing to be a follower of an eternal yet personal God. I can sometimes feel the depth of wisdom and at others feel like a 10 year old struggling to understand how to even form my own sentences. I am sure my 10 year old forms them better than me as she is a wonderful daughter with gifts of word and my son is wonderful with thought.

But myself i am simple and long may it last!

As I mentioned earlier I have had to put aside the Bible really as I found no inspiration when trying to read. Of course I have led studies and such like which have meant I have had to study for that purpose but for my own personal learning and reflection and growth very little.

But once I settled this and accepted that this is where I am and God is still with me so what is God doing I have begun to blossom again. In a new way - actually in the way I needed to. Reflection and contemplation.

Before this period I would study and debate, learn and consider but now I think i am learning to let God be God and me be me.

hopefully that will allow God to use me!

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