Friday, November 05, 2010

this little excerpt really suprised me today. I am just shocked at two of the statements which really boggle my mind. 1. that women return love rather than love and that 2. salvation has anything to do with the importance or recognising the importance of femininity.

Here are just two excerpts from the article not bothering to suggest anyone reads it!

'Ferrara: According to John Paul, men and women were not created essentially the same. Masculinity and femininity are not just attributes; rather, the function of sex is a constituent part of the person. Men and woman both express the human but do so in different and complementary ways. Believe it or not, this was a radically new idea to me.

The differences between men and women lie in the way they express love for one another. Men have the more active role in the relationship: The husband is the one who loves while the wife is the one who is loved and, in return, gives love. True authority is exercised through service. As John Paul II says, "To reign is to serve."
The Catholic Church is one the few institutions, maybe the only one, left in the world that recognizes the importance of the feminine not only for the proper working of society but for our salvation'

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