Thursday, March 12, 2009

We have been watching 'The Golden Compass' as I want to watch it with a girls youth group. The issues it raises are vast and discussion thoughts abound but my mind keeps mulling over the authors hate of the Christian faith.

I want to investigate it more but when you hear rumours it makes it hard to watch or read things without those thoughts intruding on the way you interpret things for yourself.

It seems to me that though witches are considered 'good' and the use of a compass to interpret thoughts could be viewed as magic and the emporium may represent God. The overall message seems to me still one to do with people and good will. Even the aim of the adventure is to keep 'freewill'. Surely this is a message if not of faith of hope and relationships.

Our relationship with Christ is like the relationship that the people in the story have with their deamons. It is one which enables us to be whole and to live in a relationship which otherwise would not exist and we know more about God through Christ.