Friday, November 12, 2010

The Lord is my strength and my shield.

Hear us, Shepherd of your people,
forgive us our sins
and, in a world of pretences,
make us true in heart and mind;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

I have begun to use the morning / evening prayer that the Archbishops site has set out (homepage -prayer -leftside prayers for the day)

It stuck me how the words resonate a thought that Rona and I have been mulling over that we need to reflect God. She met with a collegue who reminded her of this as he 'talked so passionately about Jesus’ love ' We had read a devotion by Oswold Chambers which encouraged “If a person attracts through his personality, that becomes his appeal. If, however, he is identified with the Lord Himself, then the appeal becomes what Jesus Christ can do. The danger is to glory in men, yet Jesus says we are to lift up only Him (see John 12:32).”

my prayer is exactly that of morning prayer but now I have such a different idea as I seek for my soul to yearn for God I really seek so that I may reflect Gods glory and love.
If my soul does not seek then I am lost. Turn the eyes of my soul and mind to you Lord.

O Lord, open our lips
Alland our mouth shall proclaim your praise.

Your faithful servants bless you.
AllThey make known the glory of your kingdom.

One or more of the following is said or sung:

this or another prayer of thanksgiving

Blessed are you, Sovereign God,
ruler and judge of all,
to you be praise and glory for ever.
In the darkness of this age that is passing away
may the light of your presence which the saints enjoy
surround our steps as we journey on.
May we reflect your glory this day
and so be made ready to see your face
in the heavenly city where night shall be no more.
Blessed be God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
AllBlessed be God for ever.

But before the close of prayer I must search and think about how to know the HOPE to which God calls and how to reflect that rather than simply speak about what God has done in the past rather I must look to the hope of Christ. Now the final prayer of the morning which in this light struck new cords.

I will sing for ever of your love, O Lord,
Allmy lips shall proclaim your faithfulness.
The heavens bear witness to your wonders;
AllI will sing for ever of your love, O Lord.
The assembly of your saints proclaims your truth;
Allmy lips shall proclaim your faithfulness.
Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne;
steadfast love and faithfulness go before you.
AllI will sing for ever of your love, O Lord,
my lips shall proclaim your faithfulness.

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