Saturday, November 13, 2010

off to liverpool today as asher needs another biopsy and they hope to release his jaw so he can open it wider.

I feel nervous in life at the moment as our finances are bad, car broke, computer broke, bank broke!

Oh Lord help us learn to manage.

poor health poor finances and kids are not doing their best at school and i am not doing my best either. so poor us really.

anyway house to tidy that always remains the same!


Suem said...

Will pray for you. You are welcome to visit my blog if you so wish (no pressure though) although you will probably disagree with everything I say!

rosanna said...

then i will mosey across and disagree with you all i can! but why do you so suddenly think i will disagree? i am not meaning to be harsh honestly I just notice that you think people will disagree with you. Maybe not! lets see!!!!!!!!