Monday, November 29, 2010

Yesterday i was privileged to be part of the advent service in our tiny local church. Gathered together were the few families and more regular members who make up the very irregular congregation. There were also some people there who I know do not usually come to church but people do pray for regularly so that was very encouraging.

We had met once prior to the service a few weeks ago so that I could give out the scripts and just share how I felt the service would run.

The children were wonderful. They spoke as loud as they could and they read wonderfully. The message came across clearly and it was fantastic that all got a chance to do something and gain confidence.

We sang lots of christmas carols one led by our 11 year old amazing pianist who played the organ and the opening music led by our family of musicians who played the cello and violin (or viola). It was overall a wonderful way to begin Advent.

Our theme was angels preparing to tell the news of Jesus coming to earth. We entitled it 'Panic in heaven, peace on earth'. The play ended with the narrator saying
'The panic in heaven is over and the peace on earth begins!

God sent Jesus to grow up in a simple family
to have simple needs
AND his message was simple.

That God knows us and God wants us to know him.

Advent is a month of preparing and waiting for Christmas.

It is a special time as the goal date is in focus and we all prepare for the day when we give our time and presents to each other.

Remember during this time of panic to find peace

and during our time of focusing on presents to find Gods presence in your life.'

on a personal note we have snow on the ground outside and I am so thankful to God that I have my husband with me again this Christmas.
Hold us close Lord and guide us this advent to be open to your calling and be still in your presence.

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