Friday, October 09, 2009

I have always found it very odd that Christians look at nature and consider that its awesomeness reflects God and that in turn tells everyone about God. I have just not connected with this idea at all. Yes I delight in nature and as a Christian I give joy and thanks to God and perhaps with some effort I could meditate and find God in everything. But to think that nature thus tells everyone about God and that somehow they deny God because they know him through nature just does not resonate with me at all.

I once went to a led quiet day where the leader used photos and facts about cells to help us wonder at God.. This was an amazing day and helped me but I still do not see that it would necessarily help a non believer/non christian (or what ever one may label ones self as) believe or recognise God.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

As Christians look at nature and worship God for creation, perhaps then we worship the wonderfully created human being. My concern then it is that it is easy to sit back and view ourselves as a wonderfully created beings and in doing this we are able to fact loose the reality of human nature and the responsibility we can very easily set aside.
How does my life reflect something different that others recognise as something, attractive and perhaps from God or inspired by God?

Not only this but if my life does reflect something different then does this inspire in others a strong enough reaction that they want to dig deeper?

To be very honest I have to answer I don't think so.

Yes people may sometimes see something that is attractive and different, but it is not deep enough or consistent enough that it is inspiring.

I suppose then this has to be my prayer and my challenge - that God will mould me and make me into something that he has designed.