Saturday, November 27, 2010

This week is going to be an emotional rollercoaster. Today we are taking a loan to buy a car which we pick up this afternoon. On Sunday I am helping with the Advent service and have a confirmation service in the eve for one of the girls of a group I help with, monday I am off to one of the panel who will give their opinion on my vocation to be a priest and then on Tuesday I am off to liverpool with Asher for his Wednesday Appointment for biopsy results and then on Thursday I see the second panel member.

Friday I am booking for us to go and enjoy doing something together which is not emotional!

This week I had a call from a dear friend from our old church who had heard on the grapevine that asher is unwell again and had had biopsy's. I told her that I was going to ring them after I got the results.

This very dear friend is one lady that I had wanted to ask to be a referee for my application to ordination. She has always been someone who considers things very carefully and is honest. She has never said her opinion on my application to ordination and I had felt she did not really agree. So how shocked was I when after telling her I will be begging people from St D's to be a referee she happily said 'oh there will be so many who would be happy to sponsor you. you have so much support here.'

Leave it at that....... my confidence and souls warmth is alight and I feel so much more responsibility to work toward ordination.

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Suem said...

It does sound like a challenging week. I wish you well in your bid for ordination. I also have in mind the health problems your husband is facing, how hard this must be for him, but also for you as well and for your young family.

I hope you enjoy your relaxing/ fun day together.