Monday, November 22, 2010

I feel so sad about the covenant which is being heralded lately and actually is being considered as a serious piece of thinking. I realise people have dedicated years to it but so have i dedicated years to understanding some things I feel strongly about. I would not then work to force the whole church to adopt my views. Anglicanism gone wrong. I think these guys think they are seriously heading the new way of being Anglican since the time we broke with Rome. difference - when we broke with Rome it was a work done so that the people could learn, read, discuss and worship in freedom. Now we are moving back to dominated interpretation of Scripture and centralisation.

It marginalizes those Christ came to include. It is bigoted and medieval and seems also to be contradictory to itself. 'has “the
expectation that Scripture continues to illuminate and transform the Church and its
members, and through them, individuals, cultures and societies” (1.2.5)'

This screams to me of scenes of witches burnt at the stake or Africans or Chinese forced to change heathen ways. Through Scripture we will illuminate and transform ...
I am ashamed of it wholeheartedly and sad sad sad.

Lord God please do not be silent ....... draw a line in the sand and remind people of your silent words

I have stolen the image from a blogsite that again has given me strength.
the main strength is that there can be NO COVENANT when it moves ahead on the strength of fate. here is the link to the blog page thanks to Elizabeth Kaeton
and note the date april 2009. I had not even heard of this covenant until a few days ago and I am an active member of the church.

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