Friday, February 25, 2011

This evening I have had the message of Mary and Martha really home in on me. I realised HOW MUCH I really thive on organisation and things being clean and tidy. Unfortunately my house has not had me organise or clean it for at least a month. I do thank God for a girl who has come to stay with us who has been graceous to clean and wash for us and this has enabled me to keep my sanity. She has even stood in as emergency baby sitter on days I had to be with Asher in the hospital.

This evening I realised how Mary and Martha must have felt. Asher is my guest. My VIP. I must clean and organise for him. I must prepare his medication, food, place of sitting, laying, his guests, his trips to the hospital, his pain and his emotions.

I also have to allow him the space to experience what he is going through and try to do things for himself.

It is busy. I can well imagine i would get MAD if my sister sat his feet just spending time with him.

As you can guess I am actually not getting to spend much quality time with Asher and it is fustrating. But it does give me a clue as to how real this story can be for us.

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rosanna said...

it has actually been amazing. Ashers sister has come to stay with us and I have found time to rest, read, spend time with asher. I am so blessed and so is asher. mary and martha!