Friday, March 25, 2011

Back from the BAP and all but ashers dad have gone home.

Asher is still really unwell. He has another infection in the jaw so the pain increases as the tumers are put under pressure from the infection. he is also suffering from inflamation of the muscles around the ribs which is causing him real flinching pain. I hope today to begin getting him into a bit more of a routine and doing things that are fun.

The BAP went terribly. The one interview I had to pass felt that we were at a roundabout and as the instructer asked me to go right though I knew we had to turn left to go round the roundabout... but following the instructers directions I duley turned for him to say now this is not right and you have failed.

Never mind I am now praying about how to get through this next two years and then reapply, perhaps next year if I am able.

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