Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday has been so busy I am just zonked on the sofa. it is about 10.30 and a lady has just dropped a phone off and icecream for Scheri. I am sooooo tired.
I am so grateful for Sophia who is staying with us. she is doing all the mundane jobs and helping so much. She is ok this week, not feeling low. I am relieved - thank God for his reassurance that he is in control.

I did cancel my appointment and they were very understanding. The doctors went well he has new med and I have upped the dose at night so he can sleep better which seems to have worked.

Everyone is at home today. AJ has now got what Scheri has and Scheri is seriously unwell. the med it not working. all off to doctors today!

other than that a quiet day cleaning I hope. Asher sister is coming which will please Meema as she is bringing her daughter.

I feel a spell of being able to do something for my BAP coming on!!! Oh I hope.

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