Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I understand many may think i am mad moving forward in the process to ordination at this time but last night I began a thought that concluded this morning and so I thought i would share it and see what others think.

Throughout life we gather information and experiences which we use to form who we are. We are like seives collecting useful info and allowing other things to pass through. i would say however that we do not really lay aside much of the seived information or experiences rather they are gathered in a jug or pot and put aside perhaps used at a later date or seived through again.

If this image works then another image can be explored. When you want to seive something and leave it to seive for a while you find a jug or pot on which to balance the seive so that it can rest securely and do its job.

I recognise that I am like a seive but I have been not been balancing well enough to seive through all the information that has been passed to me. I feel that the last couple of years have found me the right pot to balance on as I have moved through the process of ordination. I am really excited about the next step which I hope will be training for ordination. I feel it will be a secure pot on which i can balance and find space to receive and sort.

I am actually excited because I feel ready to expose myself, explore myself, embrace myself. Ofcouse this has already begun but I know that there is so much more and I hope that I will be able to understand others and accept others more as I know myself and understand myself more.

I feel that through this I will be able to listen to others and find Christ. I am really excited by this prospect. hope it makes sense!

Another part of this picture is the pot. There are many sides to my pot but all have moulded themselves amazingly and for me incredibly. I say incredibly because friends and family have gathered around me to form part of the pot and this is very humbling.

the support is incredible and really I can only thank everyone and work hard to not let people down.

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