Sunday, February 13, 2011

oh what a night. Yesturday Asher was in so much pain, as predicted! so all day was spent trying to compat the pain. Then i went to bed and hoped for a good night but Meemas has been awake needed food. she woke at 2.30 having done a wee for the first time ever in bed and then she was hungry so i had to make her toast. eventually she slept but in our bed and i had to curl up a the bottom of the bed.

tired, but got up to take ashers family to the coach station for 8.15 am. then i went to church with the kids (-scheri) and home for lunch. Thankfully friends realised they could go and do the medicine run for me and so after ordering the medicine they went and got it and that saved me an hour's running around. I was so relieved I began to tidy our room which has not been touched for weeks and has a ton of clothes, papers etc.

Then the lady who is looking after scheri came and suggested she took meema and aj so I slept for an hour and a half maybe more and felt so much better.

I had a lovely time with scheri tonight, she is feeling slightly better and i will bring her home tomorrow.
I am just now waiting for asher to go to bed. he slept all day so will be up most of the night but i dare not leave him. so glad for the sleep this afternoon!

Asher has booked a dr's app at the same time as I have an interview with Ridley. I think i have to cancel this so i can take asher and be with him as it is important we get the pain sorted.
ah well. tired and going to nap on the sofa while I wait for asher!

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Suem said...

Dear dear Rosanna,
My heart wrings with pain for you and for Asher and your lovely children at this difficult time. I pray for you every day.