Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I am finding it hard to find time to write and dare I admit it even think at the moment. So much is happening. we have a girl who has come to stay with us and it is such a help but also it is a strain and so I have realised that the warnings people give me that I do too much need to be heeded. I have always recognised that they are right in warning I do too much and do not say no, but then i have also recognised that what they are referring to is not actually a problem for me. Now i am having to really find time for me and not feel quilty about it. I am having to say NO and allow myself time to do things I know need to be done. I am having to manage my time in a way that allows for me to do things I have to get done for myself.
It is actually really hard.
I am off to see my spiritual director this friday, maybe i need a double session!
Oswald Chambers study today and is erily appropriate!

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