Saturday, February 12, 2011

I tried to go to bed early as Ashers sister is with him in the lounge i felt I could actually get some sleep. My only worry was he does not give himself medicine and so I run the risk of a moody in pain husband. I just hope he gave himself med.

I did get some sleep though. Unfortunately not enough as I am so tired one night will not be enough to catch up.

When I had chatted to my Spiritual Director we had discussed spending some time alone so I can reflect. I do not think today will be that day as I have ashers family over but maybe I will be able to get 5 or 10 mins.

my baby Scheri is still at my friends. i miss her but i know she is in the best place as i am so busy i doubt i will get time to cook or care for her.


i discovered something very odd today. I did find time to be alone, but I felt so bad that I feel tired and have not done as much as I feel I should i spent the time tidying up so that ashers family would know ihad not just sat on my bum. i really cannot think like this. i need to deal with it.

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