Sunday, January 30, 2011

In life we face many twists and turns. Times when we are orientated and others when we are disorientated and then there is new orientation. This idea comes from a book I am working through about the Psalm by Walter Brueggemann.

In Christs life we see this also with the obvious finalee of Christs death.

As I reflect on Asher's life I see that his new orientation is not upon us. He is still disorientatated though in reality he continues to be orientated toward God he is disorientated from work and the focus of his life which he has been in control of.

Today a friend popped round who is a palliative care senior nurse and she commented that when someone has a terminal illness they have to learn to listen to their body which until now they have been incontrol of. Until now they have known what their body can do but now they have to begin listening a new.

So listening a new with the idea of orientation is something I feel can be a very helpful thought for those in the final stages of life.

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