Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today at church someone commented 'You have a lovely family, that means alot' This comment comes on top of a comment from my mum that she emailed me after coming for dinner on Friday evening. She wrote You are an accomplished mother, your children are 'You are a very accomplished person. The meal was lovely, the children delightful, the home so comfortable , yes all showed the hand of a competent mother.'

I am not writing this to boost my ego but when my friend mentioned it to me today I wondered if God might be reminding me of something and so I have been thinking and realised that I have put all else aside to concentrate on bringing up my family and devoting time to ensure that they understand life and who they are in this world as best I could.

Then as I chatted throughout the day about this to my dh I realised that when I go the panel I need to be me. I am a mother who has spent time reflecting, dedicating, serving, encouraging, engaging and disparing with my family which has enabled us to be a family I am proud to be apart of.

My dh also said to me 'it is better to be sure of what you have acheived than what you might acheive' and so I will try to be me and hold on that.

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