Friday, June 11, 2010

I have just had the most wonderful moment. I led communion for our family as we often do on a Sabbath, Friday. My mum and Step father came over and after the readings, song, prayer, communion they told me that I must put all else aside and focus on going forward for ordination.

It was amazing to hear that from them, as I always felt that as long as it was a paid work that I could do then I should go for it. It actually also came after a day when I had sadly been reflecting that people do not support me in the things I know I could do like child care or hotel management or catering etc...

So at the end of a day when I had reflected that family had not ever said 'yes do that you would be great.... my mum and step father say 'yes do that you are being moulded and are becoming, it is not that you could be it is that you are .... this is something you HAVE to do... I can see you leading a service, really I can actually see you leading a service and you have just led us here and it was wonderful it was like seeing you being who Christ wants you to be.' and then my mum said 'and you have a wonderful voice'. Thank you, thank you so much.

If I am ordained this will be a moment that will make that moment very special.

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