Saturday, June 05, 2010

It seems when considering the role of a Deacon the fact that Jesus obviously lived out this role is enticing. To serve should be a key element of our calling as Christians, yet where to serve is critical as to be wrong would be stiffling and unfruitful.

And so i begin to look at the role of Deacons.

I did look at being a Deacon when I first began this journey of exploration. I felt that perhaps I was called to support the local minister/vicar and work with the people as I feel I am a 'people's person'.

Serving the wider community

deacons are called to put this into practice and make it a 'human reality'. They serve alongside the Bishop and Priest across a diocese enabling, enlightening and encouraging. How cool is that!

I certainly fit in here with my sense of hope and calling to reach out to the community in which I live and to a smaller degree the wider world I also am apt to be involved and notice the marginalised and the needy. Having been involved in care for the Elderly, disabled and self harmers I feel I have some ability to come alongside and perhaps discern ways for the church to support and love when and where able.

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