Sunday, June 13, 2010

I have to challenge Richard Giles on just one comment that he has made in his book 'Here I Am'. He does not agree with the new wording used in the Alternative Service Book which has changed from 'go and make disciples' to 'baptise new disciples'. Now Giles comment is 'If we are not here to make disciples, we might as well return to the life we knew before the selection conference and the ordination exam.

I actually have to raise the point that there is a difference between the roles that have been established by the church over the years between the Deacon and the Priest or presbyter. I see a point in changing the wording and focus of the role because the Church has moved on from the days when the priest did it all. The Priest is now much more a Presbyter. The time of the layman is here. The Body of Christ is beginning to start crawling and with the taking a priest taking a back seat and ensuring that new disciples are Baptised, taught, nurtured, you never know perhaps we will begin to walk and even run as the Body the Christ.

Of course this is not to say that the Presbyter does not have the God given desire and role to make disciples as the Lord leads.

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