Monday, June 14, 2010

God is amazing, generous and awesome. I never cease to be inspired by the way God shows me so faithfully and gently that He is God and is in my life. I am so weak and frail yet this powerful God manages to speak to me in ways that are so gentle and true.

If there is no God then on the other side of this world when I stand in an abyse I will be more shocked than all the times that God shows me so faithfully that He is God and is in my life. And if I find that there is no conscience after death I will know nothing but the joy having known a God whilst alive on earth.

What has caused me to have such an outburst?!!!

Perhaps the meditation I have been shown over the last few days about being a mother who has been asked to or 'called' into the journey to priesthood is at a close. Maybe not but tonight just before I closed my reading of Richard Giles 'Here I am' this is what I read...

In foster families, of course, one doesn't sit around all day feeling cosseted; there is much to be done, from peeling potatoes to learning consideration, and remembering birthdays, and saying sorry. Foster parents are busy watching out for special gifts and skills, encouraging aptitudes here, redirecting energies there, always bringing out the best.
The Church is no different. Priests are parents who are always on the lookout for special gifts and aptitudes among their spiritual charges. page 98.

This reading did not even follow the pages I was reading it just dropped open at the end of the book which I never do, I never read the end of a book before I work my way through the pages.

I am amazed that God should direct my life and desire me to continue on this path to discover what he wants me to do. I am pray that I learn how to discuss, share and explain myself clearly and with confidence that I humbly feel Gods leading.

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