Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Many years ago an elder in a church I attended for a good two years said to me 'When I pray for you I think of a shepherd welcoming people in'. A few years later another person who also knows me well and is in full time Christian Ministry said that 'I was called to the ministry of reconciliation'.

A deacon is called to encourage and be outward looking. I feel I am definately called to be outward looking but I am called to look outwardly in an inwardly manner. To encourage and enable the church to be a place that people can invite friends and people to. A place that when others come they meet God, they find a place in which they can recognise God at work.

I on my own will not do a good job and that is why I am constantly glad that it is God who calls and who works through us all doing and living out our calling. i am just a small part and if we all work together for the glory of God through Christ then, then and only then will we discover fruit and beauty and worship with the angels etc..... just a bit of ott there!!

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