Wednesday, January 26, 2011

thinking about grief is very interesting. I thought, sad as it may be, i should note the most important aspects down as we move though these months.

1. Asher and I face the future with a bated breath of hope looking to Christ for healing, peace and satisfation.

Some may say that this is not having 'faith' or perhaps that we should 'claim healing' or 'refute the cancer'.

My thought on this is that a person has faith because God gives it. We lovingly and humbly accept all gifts. A person enters all stages of life both very sad and good and very good with antrepidation because we all know that life is fragile. Our faith is not only in God; it is also in that he will be with us in all situations. No matter if we make a wrong step, no matter if we understood wrong. God is God. I hate to put it so bluntly but we are puny little weeds do we really think that our minute faith will seriously effect the way God loves us? I believe he loves us no matter how small our faith, no matter how small our step, no matter how small our action.

I really believe that Jesus died once for all. He came to show us that God is not a God who demands ritual or wild ceremony or magical religious piousness. God is God. We are his people.

So my thought in short. in our time of deep grief and uncertainty and perhaps even guilt God looks past all that to the person he knows in the spirit - in the soul.

Then it is up to us as friends of people going through greif to be there with people. Keep them normal. talk, chat, be silent, hug, wash up, do the ironing, mow the lawn, support by going to events which the person has to attend.
Then it can be up to God to speak to the soul.
then it can be up the person to work through the grief.

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Suem said...

What can I say other than what I have said before, I am praying for you and I am glad you are taking comfort from your faith and taking this time as it is.