Monday, January 17, 2011

I went to see the Bishop today. It was a good chat and I realised alot about myself that I had not until then. I had not realised how determined I am. I had not realised how focused I can be and How sure I am that God has called me to ordination.

My trust in God is so solid that I actually suprised myself today.

Though it was uplifting I now reflect and my insecurity arises. I realise that perhaps he felt if he said no then it would send me off a blithering wreck since two bad news in one week is not really not good.

Oh gosh... perhaps I will write and tell him he can change his mind and tell me the truth now.

Anyway,,, he said he will sponser me and that the panel may say 'are you mad to be here' or they may say 'yes but have years pause'.

either way I am pleased he has felt a sense of vocation and not been disturbed by 'me in person'!

Now I am deciding to put aside books on vocation. I am simply going to pray and use the lectionary and good ol' david heywood. the bible in a year with my mums church is by the wayside already this year!!!

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