Sunday, January 10, 2010

I went to chat with Mike our Vicar and the discussion was really good.

We are on a level with many thoughts which is great because he has lots to teach me and I think as he is a teacher and obviously can communicate well i am going to learn loads. I hope I can just keep quiet enough for him to talk! I think I will once I am past the initial 'Oh I think that too' stage!

importantly we discussed what I might do in the church and what I feel God is calling me to long term.

I feel what we discussed revealed that Mike is definately a daring man as he asked me to preach in the church on one of the weeks that lay members preach. Hahahaha.

Well I am thinking of doing a date in March and so from now on I will probably be devoting my time to reading around the verses of that sunday! no I promise myself I will not.

But now my diary gets busy. So Lord I devote myself to listening and keeping a watch out for your guidance.

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