Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have not been able to write as we have been very busy trying to get used to a new routine as my husband starts his chemo and radio.

They have decided to do both together as the chemo weakens the cells that the radio is burning off. I admit I know very little about it so my words may not be the best description!

It was amazing that on Monday I said to my dh on our way home from hospital
'if you consider all the blessings God has given us in this time of you being unwell it is like opening a treasure box and all the blessings are there like treasure. So when you feel low just open that box and see what God has done and if you need more just reach out because God has promised you he is with you and you can see he is so look out for the next blessing. Just keep that treasure box near to hand.'

Ashers mum has come to stay with us and she said to me on Tuesday
'Rosanna, I had a strange picture in my prayer, in my mind. It was a box and when we lifted the lid the children were in it (our three children). I was so suprised and scared that they would suffocate. What is the meaning of this I don't know'

I answered her what I had said to Asher and she said but what about the children?
They are his biggest blessing.

Oh we were so amazed. Asher is so delighted to have had our third child and says that she is given from God to help him through this time and keep him laughing and smiling as she is so funny.

So thanks be to God for dreams and interpretation.
I love you Lord, AMEN

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