Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pseudo You

Today i read a post on a random site I found where the author discussed his trying to push out of his shell and start being himself. he discussed how many people live as pseudo selves rather than being themselves for fear.

I think that rather than living as a pseudo me I live as a half me. I am not fulfilled as I only have time and energy to live as one part of me. In this instance I think that we need to discover how to express our whole selves through what we are able to do with the limits and restrictions that constrain us.

I want to live for God and my whole being serves God each day as I go about my daily chores. i find these chores mundane and often hopeless but I know that in doing them God can be not only glorified but also made known through what I do and this is what inspires me to keep going to the best of my ability.

I know that I need to push through though and find the time and strength to develop myself more so that I have more to offer.
A comment that I found great on the blog is:
Our success was stolen by our own twisted idea that our uniqueness was a liability, not an asset.
to clarify this within my own thinking:
God has made us unique and called us to be who we are. Our uniqueness is not a liability is is an asset. I think that we often become doubtful of our uniqueness, worth and ability when others do not encourage or accept us often due to their own weakness.

It is time for us all to begin seeing ourselves as God sees us and then we can see others as God sees them.

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