Sunday, January 03, 2010

Heated by the Spirit of God

Our heating has been broken now for about a week perhaps longer and it is freezing. We can get heating if we empty the water tank.

The cold water tap for the bath has also broken. So this means that to run a bath we fill it with hot water, leave it for about an hour and then it gets to the right temperature to be used! This suits needing to empty the tank for the heating to kick in as one bath and a sink of water, for the washing up, empties the tank. So this morning found me running a bath at 5.45 so that the heating would kick in and as I turned my attention to the kitchen sink I realised how similar this is to us humans with the heat of the Spirit of God.

If we are feeling void of the Spirit of God there is a dimension of us which feels a chill where worship and prayer usually is. For many in this word this is fine especially if we do not believe in God. But for those of us for whom God is a key player and a tangible reality living with out this amazing dimension in our lives creates a void which is uncomfortable.

Perhaps we need like our heating system to empty the tank of water so that the heating system can kick in again. Perhaps we are too busy or perhaps we have not realised that we are not desiring to be moulded and recreated by God. Perhaps we need to seek or ask.

What ever it may be as for me over this last few weeks or months I pray others who are in this same strange and uncomfortable space will find ways to move forward and rediscover the Spirit.

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