Monday, October 25, 2010

It is funny that over the last week I have really had a mountain top experience (oh well maybe not mountain top but perhaps wellies on and a jumping over a cow pat kind of experience) regarding my spirituality. I have come to point where I am at peace with where I am spiritually and I really look forward to embracing and moving forward in this.

I had always been reluctant to be 'established' where I feel comfortable as it is not only fashionable to be evangelical but it is also very hard to be immersed if you disagree with spirituality and theology with those around you if you are more 'traditional'.

not sure if I make sense but over the last 10 years i have found this really hard and have not found a way to build on the foundation or build a foundation where i feel God is leading me.

Well I think I feel a break through and find myself at last yearning for God in sundry places!
it has taken along time for me to think this through. If look down through my blog it was ages ago i began to think about spirituality and though I may read or question it comes a point when God seems to shift something inside me at the right time that I realise and can be aware of my own spirituality - to some extent.

In 4 days I meet my DDO for the last time to discuss all this. What apt timing. Such an amazing God. Thanks Lord.

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