Sunday, October 24, 2010

I watched the Big Silence on bbc2 iplayer and TBH i found it hard to speak afterward. my husband and i just sat in silence

I have wanted to visit Beuno's in Wales. A friend of mine goes and says she can hear the noice as she passes down past Bristol to Wells our old home town.

As i look through images to find a picture that suits my feeling on silence I realise how frightening silence is to many. It is a painful torture in many ways. If you are abused you are often silenced through fear to reveal your pain. If you are angry or upset about something that others find acceptable you are silenced for fear of ridicule. If you have been bad you are sent the naughty corner where you are forced to be silent.

Silence can be such a negative that we become used to the thought that this is something that should be avoided. It is best to be busy so that the thoughts are not processed. Buried deep so that their noise has no resonance in our daily lives.

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