Sunday, July 25, 2010

'You will find yourself, as celebrant at the Eucharist privileged with a unique intensity to 'be with god with the people in your heart'. p16 , Michael Ramsey, The Christian Priest Today'.

for the last year I have found prayer a very different affair. I have struggled and if i am n=honest I have not prayed every day, i have not meditated as I washed up, I have not interceded for the those I know and who are on my heart. It has been a very lonely prayer time, one of me calling out to God and daring to speak to Jesus but with very little closeness.

When I read the above quote I realised that my situation has changed so much that I no longer am in a position where I am in the heart of the community with the needs and praises of people around me. I know very well that there are those who need prayer but somehow I am on the outside. I feel I am one of the congregation rather than a member of the community.

I lack seriously in discipline and that is what has been revealed by this experience. Rule of life is one aspect that a friend has been commenting on in her blog and so I am drawn to this again. How can i find out about, how can i maintain, how can i become a person with and of a Rule of Life?

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