Wednesday, July 28, 2010

todays readings

Yesturday's meeting with the DDO was very relaxed. I think I have taken peoples advise on board and just taken a back seat in this process. I must seek the Lord with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my strength not just His will.

One comment that the DDO and I discussed from my list of 'what a Priest is and is not' was one sentence that 'A Priest is not alone in the inner sanctuary'.

I said in explaining this and realised as I explained it that in Jesus Death the curtain was torn and the people were enabled into the inner place which had been used only once a year. This is perhaps one those mysteries that we discuss very little but is actually essential to our understanding and faith.

Jesus death enabled this place to be accessible. This place being the place were God can meet us.

So my thought is that priest is NOT alone in this inner sanctuary but is there with the people and should experience this mystery and be enabling and drawing others into this sanctuary.

The curtain is torn down and the Priestly mission of Christ is enabled forever.

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