Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seeing the DDO today.

I have my list of what a vicar is and is not. I have a more relaxed attitude to this process and a recognition that I just have to sit through it and pray in the way Jesus leads me.

It is so important that each of us get to spend time reflecting, thinking, praying and reading so that we can grow and know.

I find it hard to begin even to just sit. I am feeling the effects. My mind is so scatty and my body aches.

Todays Readings
The passage from Samuel really struck me today because Ihad just been reading about the leadership of a priest. In this passage we see Samuel give the instruction from God. Saul not obeying God and take on the role of leadership, then the Priest comes forward with the message and warning from God.

Today we go away on holiday which is not likely to be relaxing but I lift up my arms and bend my knees that God prepares the way for us. Amen

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