Sunday, July 05, 2009


I don't know who this man is but thank you for looking like an alien with antenae!

I recognised that I often place people, situations, events and journeys into God's hand. However I have found that I do this as if I am responding to a prompting rather than a habit. I do not leave the house for each journey and pray or think of a family member and pray, rathar I seem to recognise a deep inner yearning and respond by tuning in and then speaking aloud my prayer.

I am learning alot about my 'tuning in' as I am trying to consider these three aspects I mentioned. It is odd that I do not often get any spontanious outburst of joy or praise when I enjoy nature.. I know I am a very practical person but as I recognise how I do seem to 'tune in' to a deeper spiritual yearning I would have thought if I were a 'spiritual' person i would be blessed by nature in the way I know many people are. Maybe one day.

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