Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life of solitude

1. What helps you keep to keep focused and draw near to God and his ways.
2. What feeds your soul and lifts your spirit
3. What enables you to keep in tune with the Holy Spirit.

Right after a few days of not being able to read the Bible I have found time to think during this period and remember that I used to find that I would feel an incling to go and read the Bible or read a particular book and when i did follow that urge it was as if forces moved to confirm my action and I would feel blessed and encouraged by what I read.

I remember that often I would find that my reading would in someway be useful in a meeting I would chance upon or I would find that a question would be sparked that I would continue to learn about or think about and then discuss with others.

So I think an answer to what for all three has to be : following an instinct to read, pray or worship in song.

I do not find that I am 'fed' at church services necessarily, I do find that I enjoy homegroups or personal meetings with people. I do find that my home life is directed toward enabling the family to have space each evening for prayer and worship and I also find that my life seems directed toward God always even if it is not what might be called 'spiritual' in the way we think of monks or nuns (ahh even the thought of such a blessed space in life is calming!)

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