Friday, February 19, 2010

Nightmares can make you believe in things which aren’t true,
They scare me so much,
I yell to my parents,
Leave my door open just a crack,
Because I feel like such an insomniac,
Que the dreams,
Here I come,
I lay and watch as they are flung,
Out of sight ,
Into the night ,
I lay and lay ,
The wind whistles ,
Suddenly dawn brakes ,
My eyes have fogged up ,
And I know I will have to play along with the day,
The sun floats up,
My mum wakes up ,
She asks what’s wrong ,
I answer,
It was just another bad night.
a poem written by our son today. I think he is really suffering from his dad being so ill. He lost his voice on the same night his dad lost his voice but thankfully he feels ok today and so I hope a weekend away with his aunt and cousin will be good for him. Bless you dearest son you are a very special child of God and Child of mine.

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