Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am so tired. I am glad it is at the end of my husbands radio and chemo treatment. It is so tiring and draining. It is horrid to see him in so much pain. I think I need to make sure we have a really special weekend though I am away helping on a marriage course. Perhaps our Sabbath could be really special with a little gift or something. ummm something that does not cost much as I am also sorting out our finances and it is horrid!

I have had no time to read really but I get small glimpses and I have been trying to read Graham Tomlins evangelism book. It has helped me with my understanding of the gospel.

It has been explaining the Temple system and a few thoughts enlightened me.
1. The court yard was open to all including the Gentiles but they were excluded from the next area within the temple which is where only Jews could go. Women were then excluded from the next area were only Jewish men could go. Then the men were excluded from the next area where only priests could go and then they were excluded from the next area, the Holy of Holies were only One priest could go once a year. Tomlin points out that the jewish religion had become one of exclusion which is not what God had wanted. Separation perhaps but not exlusion. Jesus came to open up this whole system and I realised that people went to the temple to be with God yet could not actually go into the Holy of Holies... But through Christ we can.

Jesus had over turned the tables in John 2 and Mark 11 I think saying this is my fathers house 'a house of prayer'. It really struck me how we do not treat prayer with enough faith, belief, hope, expectancy, reverence or depth.

If Jesus has enabled us to enter the Holy of Holies and enabled us to stand right there and ask, listen, understand then boy we are so privilaged. I know in my prayers I do often feel that God is so close and it is so awesome, but then life engulfs and I plod along like Martha.

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