Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have to consider further:

Today we discussed the anglican communion. Its strengths and weaknesses.

It was interesting as I did know and understand much of what we discussed but the way that things were put were much clearer than I had read and so I will be able to now reread some books that discuss anglicanism and will be able to consider how things sit in place.

I was asked to think about evangelsim and mission: the difference between the two terms although they are used together. Where I feel I best fit into this discussion both now and in the future.
then I was also asked to prepare as if I were at the Bishops panel for a presentation. I have a form that they would give out and I have to read this through and prepare a five minutes presentation.

It seems I have alot to do this month and I am looking forward to getting started.

First I as the good book says ask Christ that 'I might put my house in order first'!

I am hoping to sit down and work out our finances as we want to send our son to boarding school and have to get a cheque of 500 to the school asap. It is soooo much money but I feel it would be best for him as things are so hard at home and as the council cannot offer him a place in a local school just because they are full.

oh well no moaning.

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