Sunday, December 05, 2010

tonight i took a rare coffee on the sofa and watched some of undercover boss USA'Churchhill Downs Racecourse'.
Bill,the man undercover said 'this is a people business and to run it well means to know how the people are feeling'.

He concluded with a thought I am impressed with: 'sometimes when you get a little bit personal you loose alittle bit of control but sometimes its worth it.'

What I am impressed with is that there needs to be a balance between operating a business using the impersonal spreadsheets and the personal understanding of people's feelings. Bill ensured that those he came to recognise worked hard to exand the business were enabled to work harder by allowing them what they needed.

I was also really impressed that those working for the business were not manipulative or selfseeking. It was amazing how they saw what they did as something that benefited them because they loved doing it but also as something that benefited the company. They did not at all have aims to gain means for themselves and this really amazed me.

I realise that some people work because they love it and it is something that enables them to be more of who they are. I know many people who work because it enables them to be in power, or gain money, or self fulfillment but to work because you love it is very special.

vocation is an amazing thing.

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