Thursday, December 23, 2010

asher has two more primary areas of cancer. more and more. it now means he has to have the fully bone removed and replaced by one from the leg. so in for the long haul in Jan.

Dread to think what the diary will look like!

My life needs to find a rythm. The idea from the last post really resonated with me and helped me to realise that daily prayer is part of a rythm in life which helps to form a base line.

Where do look within myself to find how what feeds me. I get ideas and thoughts but find that my time is taken up so quickly that i do not get time to discover them more deeply.

If the Spirit helps us to express ourselves before God then we need to be able to leave space that will enable us to find out and discover what is to be expressed before God.

I think i will start by using the david heywood study and use the thoughts and scripture from that and reflect on it.

In Jan I am going to see the bishop on 17th and asher has a major op on the 12th.

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Suem said...

So sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers for you that this Christmas will still be special and that you will be given strength throughout the New Year.