Thursday, December 02, 2010

So my wonderful always and forever has two out of three biopsies which are cancerous.

But I think we both feel relieved and grateful. Somehow we had an uncomfortable feeling that he was unwell. I have known he is unwell, there is something about him when he has cancer that I pick up on. A tiredness and inability to be involved. I am so grateful also that our dear surgeon found the spots and can and is willing to lazer them off.

I asked if this were a beginning of the end really and in another year would asher get another recurrence. The surgeon said it was not definite and so there is hope that after this bout it may not return. He has had one lady with 7 returns so asher is one of the record breakers! He is up there with the best of them but hopefully will not beat the record!

To tell others so that they can pray for us and understand how we need to focus our lives at the moment is really hard because illness effects people so very deeply. For some it reminds them of the pain and torment they went through with a loved one and it wells up in them all the memories and feelings of loss if their loved one did not survive.

For others illness shakes their faith as they struggle to comprehend love and pain, justice and suffering. Their view of God is challenged at a very deep level.

I suppose I have to finish this off with Asher and my view of God. God continually is alive to us, revealing his love, guidance and care. We rest in Him and hold on to his promise to be with us in all things and therefore we take our eyes off the illness, worry, doubt and allow our hearts to comforted in such a deep and powerful way that we are reassured that God is an awesome God.


Suem said...

Oh dear. These things are hard, but you sound positive and the surgeon does as well. Thoughts and prayers.

rosanna said...

yes we are positive and we just need to live in the hope we have. Perhaps that is the lesson we all need to learn hey!?