Thursday, April 14, 2011

oh dear by accident I sent a message from my facebook and know i will get reprucussions from it!!!!!!!

The last post explained the message which is this:

Drshakeel Isaac
Helliw Rosanna How r u hows Asher please read Psalms 91/14 to 16. Job 5/26.(u shall come to the Grave at a full age) psalms 102/24. Bible says u will see the children of the children Rosanna all these Promises and Blessing for us and our children don't sit and wait please come out of this and stand against this disease rebuke it gather all the family and u will see the miracle the blood of Jesus can heel all the cancer we all are praying be a faithful god bless u...

and unfortunately or fortunately i replied::

who says i am sititng and waiting? why are you asking me to 'please come out of this'? When jesus says to people 'your faith has healed you' he is saying 'it is who and what you have faith in that has healed you, not the amount.. the amount and power is Gods not ours and specifically it is Jesus which is why Jesus said this in the Scripture at the times when he did. Peace to you and I hope you can read the whole books and chapters you quote with peace and joy in God as a whole. You reduce Jesus to be a magicians trick. Do not be fooled by false teaching. this maybe hurtful to you but I know Asher and I stand firm in God and his protection. we do not prefur riches to poverty, honour to dishonour, health to sickness... In all things we give glory to God or saviour and protector. If you wish to know how we are then you would have asked - How are you? Are you standing in faith and rejoicing in our Lord? how is God working in your lives? As you did not I cannot tell you. and you seem to have judged us ignorant. I wonder who you have been talking to to think such things and send such a message?

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Suem said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear this. What an insensitive message was sent to you when you least needed it. I'm not surprised you were hurt/ upset and angry.