Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I have had this message on my face book from one of ashers relatives, i think in pakistan. it comes because his aunt refuses to believe he is sick and i think his family think (i am actually pretty sure) i am to blame for him having cancer. this is really sad but true.... my answer is a bit long i think and i will send it after some time to make sure it is right and strong enough. what do you think?

they write::::
How r u hows Asher please read Psalms 91/14 to 16. Job 5/26.(u shall come to the Grave at a full age) psalms 102/24. Bible says u will see the children of the children Rosanna all these Promises and Blessing for us and our children don't sit and wait please come out of this and stand against this disease rebuke it gather all the family and u will see the miracle the blood of Jesus can heel all the cancer we all are praying be a faithful god bless u...

excuse me. it does not sound as if you are really concerned about how asher or I am. it sounds more like you are concerned that your theology is correct and should be 'administered'. You have chosen verses and ignored those that say rest and trust in the lord. you have chosen verses that try to place the healing power of the lord on our power and faith. what rubbish.

The last verse psalm 102:24 is the only verse that that i can see you have not taken out of character of their original meaning. And even in Psalm 102 he is begging God not declaring and rebuking. This is very sick attitude. We have a God who loves, cherishes and adores us just like we do our own children. He does not abandon or declare us unfaithful and therefore unworthy. Asher Loves God with his whole being and with his whole life. His work place see how faithful and honest he is, how hard working and loyal he is even in the worst days of his sickness. This is a massive testimony to God in our lives. I worship God with every part of my body and serve him day and night in love and humility. We worship God in sickness and in health and to us we do not prefur riches to poverty, honour to dishonour, health to sickness... in all we know God and his eternal love. We can hold onto whole chapters and books of the Bible without having to highlight just one to make us feel better. I love psalm 91:6 ust as much as 91:14. I love Job as a whole book and this is our attitude as a whole. Our god is faithful and worthy of respect no matter what our situation. I am not going to argue about these matters with people at all. they are between you and God and if you are teaching this to people I am sad for their inner strength, joy, peace and understanding of God.

another line might be:
I think what you are saying in your message is that perhaps your faith with that of all those who are praying plus our own as a family is not enough to heal Asher - is that what you are saying? Or are you saying that Gods power is only as strong as us humans? when the Jesus talks about our faith healing us it is who and what we have faith in not our power or amount. thankfully it is God who forgives and God who has healed and does heal. I will rest in his forgiveness and love and healing not that of humans. But you are welcome to quote scripture if you can do so without pulling verses out of context. Psalm 91:6 is as beautiful as 14-16

or another:
i am fine and asher is as well as can be expected. i don't know if you know of anyone else who has died young or who has died of cancer? Are you using this idea of our faith v's God's power after speaking to others or is this just you deciding that I am just lying in wait for asher to die??

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