Wednesday, May 06, 2009

wonder and awe

communion today was about 'alleluia'. The awe and the baited breath.

This service really spoke to me. Throughout easter we consider the majesty and the mystery of the act of Jesus but we hardly consider the 'angel song' alleluia.

From the sermon my mind began to think of the itmes that people have tried to challenge the traditional church by saying in effect 'you dont even know why you do this'.... Well todays sermon spoke far more as it came from an attitude of saying 'look what you have, be amazed and dare to gaze upon your God and consider his mighty works'.

To compare the two types of sermons on its own does not I suppose relate but for the idea that to speak to people and bring them to a point of desiring to know more and desiring to meet God comes from the speaker knowing to whom and about what they are speaking.

I have been encouraged by my spiritual director and my DDO to read books from outside my comfort zone. I am a well rounded reader anyway, but I dont get to read much so I hope that I will be able to read books that will educate me on traditions in their variety so that I may enrich others.

One of the wonderful things about todays communion was the sense of closeness one experienced though the theme was wonder and awe of an amazing God.

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