Monday, May 18, 2009


I have always found it difficult to vote for a political party. I actually find it hard to even think that about how they are ruling and governing our country and lives. I prefur to hope, hope they are doing a good job! I am sure there are others who also live in hope, actually putting more trust in hope than politicians!

I have the usual thoughts 'Why bother when they often fail to follow through on political promises and change what they say' We even had a party to ended up ruling in a very different way to the Said way they would lead - in effect they swapped sides! I cannot even be bothered to ask 'Who is really saying what and why are they saying it'. But once past all the blurrrrrb and distructive banter what lies behind these men and women who want to rule? Do I care?? actually no I have lost incentive!

In the books of Samuel we read of the forming of Israel, from a tribe to an powerful people. We read of their rulers, kings and prophets, armies and families and about their dealings with others.

I am not sure that if we look back through our modern history we will find that God is a continual thread that runs through our political system but from within the stories of the Bible the common thread is that God is placed at the centre of both the lives and the hopes those involved.

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