Sunday, October 08, 2006

What is it about the last supper that made the men of faith proclaim this act as the Eucharist. It seems to me that it has become something so very different from its original form that we find it hard to even contemplate its origins. As a traditional Sabbath meal which would have been the Sabbath before the very important passover meal during which time Jesus was most probably fresh in the grave and in the spiritual world dealing with the men of faith from days of old, I find it hard to imagine why we just go ahead each week and miss discussing the whole meaning and sharing the whole fellowship that would have been essential to the meal and indeed seems to have been missed with the Corinthians.

I am enjoying thinking about his and find it amazing how so few that I have spoken about have thought about this at all, very surprised even to have had the thought talked about by me! it is just such a routine I think that people do not think past what it means to them now.

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