Monday, September 26, 2011

We are finally managing to become a family of peace again. We hope to move house in a few weeks and that will be lovely. The house will work much better for us and I hope the children will find time and space to do homework and hobbies.

I hope to find the space to begin writing and creating as my own mind seems to have wound up. Over the last few years my focus has been so much on helping and supporting Asher that I had to put myself second. Before he died we had a really good crying session together as we grieved over how much time we had lost just being ourselves.

I think that is one of the saddest things about longterm illness, the loss of yourself. So much time is devoted to trying to keep life peaceful and normal that extra activities and fun have to be laid aside as energy is so limited.

A time and a season.


Suem said...

I've really been thinking of you, Rosanna over the past few weeks. I do hope all goes well with this house move.
Love and peace.

Anita said...

God blessing, Rosanna, and may you new house be a place of blessing, peace, and creativity.